Saturday, 25 February 2012

dip dye canvas bag

I love this summery dip dye look I've been seeing everywhere and though it would be a fun little DIY. I bought some plain canvas bags on ebay a while ago but haven't done anything with them yet and this is perfect for them.

The bags I bought were actually kinda huge so before I could get started on the dying I had to do a little sewing. I turned the bag inside out and measured about an inch the sides and bottom then machine stitched them and cut off the excess. The handles were really long (and I'm really short) so I also made them a bit shorter.

I used a Dylon dye in Flamingo but they also do a Powder Pink which I might try next for a more pastel pink. The instructions on the pack are easy enough to follow although I changed the amount of dye, water and salt as it was enough for 250g of fabric and my bag was only 50g. I dissolved 10g of dye in 100ml warm water. I put about a litre of warm water in a bucket and added 1tbsp salt and then mixed in the dye.

I dipped almost the whole bag, up to about half way up the handles, into the bucket of dye and left it for a few minutes because I only wanted a hint of pink at the top. I then pulled the bag out a bit and left it for     about 30 mins. After the 30 mins I pulled it further out of the bucket and left for another 30 minutes. By now the part of the bag still in the dye was quite dark but I wanted the bottom of the bag really bright so I left the bottom 2 inches in the dye for about an hour. Take the bag out of the dye, rinse in cold water and leave to dry.

The finished product...

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