Saturday, 10 March 2012

isabel marant inspired bracelets

These Isabel Marant bracelets are gorgeous and so easy to wear, they go with everything. I made my version of these two bracelets in gold, aqua and pink.

To make the bracelets you will need:
Tassel bracelet- small beads, any suitable cord to thread the beads onto, a clasp, two crimps, three jump rings, one head pin, a strip of fabric (I used a light cotton but you could use pretty much any lightweight fabric), needle and thread and one bigger bead in a complimentary colour.
Cord bracelet- Pretty coloured cord about 30 cm, smalls beads and two bigger beads.

Start by putting a crimp on one end of the cord, then thread as many beads as you need to go round your wrist. Then add the second crimp and attach the clasp using the jump rings. 

To make the tassel I got a strip of white cotton about 20cm long and 1 cm wide. I folded it in half and then in half again until it was the size I wanted the tassel. Then thread the needle through the fabric, near the top, and wrap the thread around the fabric. Thread the needle back through the fabric to secure. At the other end of the tassel cut the fabric where it has been folded. Then sew the last jump ring the the top of the tassel. Put the bigger bead on the jump ring using the head pin. Put the pin through the bead and using small jewellery making pliers twist the metal into a loop and attach to the jump ring attached to the tassel and attach the jump ring to the bracelet.

For the second bracelet measure the cord around your wrist and double it. The picture below will hopefully show you how I tied it!

As the beads I had for this bracelet were quite small I actually sewed them on to the cord but if you have bigger ones you can thread them on the cord, just make sure you do it before you knot the bracelet. I tied knots on either side of the beads, on mine this just for decoration but if you are threading the beads on you will have to do this to keep them in place. I added two larger beads to left over bits of the knot.

 My finished bracelets with the two gold bangles I always wear, I think they go perfectly :)

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