Wednesday, 14 March 2012

friendship bracelet necklace

This layered friendship necklace caught my eye in Accessorize the other day and I knew straight away I was going to make my own version. 

I used embroidery threads, wool, beads, two large jump rings and a metal clasp. I used turquoise, yellow and pink thread and pink wool. Firstly measure the wool around your neck and cut to the correct length. I tied the end of the wool and about 40cm of thread together and tied them to the handle of a drawer. You then need to wrap the thread around the length of wool. I wrapped the other end of the thread around some card to make it easier. I wrapped the thread around the wool as far as I wanted it to go and then tied the thread and wool together again. I added in beads to the thread every so often and tied the thread to wool to secure. 

When you untie the wool from whatever you had it tied to it will twist around on itself, to stop it doing this and to help keep the thread in place, iron over the wool and thread.

I also plaited some of the thread and wrapped thin gold thread around pieces of wool to make some parts of the necklace. 

I sewed the ends of each strand together and then sewed them on to two large jump rings and attached a clasp.

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  1. When it comes to all things to do with love we invariably think of a heart so naturally many jewelry pieces also feature this design. Each pair of necklaces below contain two pendants that when placed together reveal the phrase 'Best Friends'. When you join the pendants together they complete a perfect heart shape. I really like the pink heart and key set for something a little bit different.