Saturday, 21 April 2012

Liberty Print Miniature Suitcase

Liberty are famous for their beautiful, classic prints and when they're applied to teeny, tiny suitcases it makes for some amazingly cute luggage.  They're a little pricey but they've inspired another DIY project. I've been looking at pictures of old and interesting suitcases and other suitcase DIYs for some inspiration. 

                                        ohsolovelyvintage                                                                  36th Avenue    



  1. I love these suitcases (especially the one with hearts on). I wish I could have one, but I always seem to pack too much and so I need one with wheels on, hehe! xx

    1. hehe Im the same! Im looking for some kind of really little case to do this with just to use like a handbag xx

  2. These suitcases are so cute! And I agree with Sarah, the one with the hearts on it is especially cute :) These would be perfect for a weekend vacation.

  3. There so cute