Sunday, 23 September 2012

DIY- detachable peter pan collar

1.ASOS 2.Topshop 3.Kate Spade 4.Moschino

Click image above for downloadable collar pattern.

Fabric- You don't need much at all so its great for using up scraps.
Iron on interfacing
Thread and a needle
Ribbon- About 60cm should be enough
Sewing Machine 
Fabric flowers, beads, sequins or whatever else you want to embellish your collar with.
1. Cut out collar pattern, adding 1cm seam allowance. Pin the pattern on to the fabric and cut around it. Do this four times.

2. Cut off seam allowance from pattern, pin to interfacing and cut around four times.

3. Iron on piece of interfacing on to the wrong side of each bit of fabric. The bobbly side of the interfacing should face down on the fabric.

4. Sew on any embellishments to the front two pieces of the collar.

5. Pin the front and back of each side of the collar together with the wrong sides facing each other. Sew around the outside of the interfacing leaving a gap at the end where the ribbon will go. Cut a zig zag or little triangles on the fabric around the stitching.

6. Turn inside out using a paintbrush or something similar. 

7. Cut ribbon in two. Fold over the open edges and put the ribbon in. Iron in place. Carefully sew the end shut with the ribbon inside. Repeat this for the other side of the collar.

8. Sew the two sides of the collar together in the middle with a few discreet stitches. I put another fabric flower over the stitches but you could put a bead, jewel brooch or whatever there.

Et voilĂ !


  1. great post... must try it x

  2. this is such a cute DIY, I love peter pan collars!

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. It was so much easier than I though it would be x

  4. such a nice idea and it looks so cute and you've made it look so easy xx must try this