Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Magazine photo frame

I have about a million fashion magazines in my house (I can't resist the pretty pictures!!!) and I hate chucking them out, especially the expensive ones. I saw something similar to this in Urban Outfitters and thought this might be a good idea to use some of them up.
All you need to make the frame is some cardboard, I used a cereal box, scissors, glue, magazines or any  other nice paper you want to use and some cord or string to hang it up with.

Cut two pieces of card to the size you want the frame to be. Draw a box in the middle of one piece, about an inch from the edge and cut it out.

The fun part is choosing the paper you want to use, I choose bright backgrounds and nice fonts. Roll the paper up and glue the end down.

When you have made all the rolls of paper glue them down on to the cardboard along two lengths of the card. Then glue the paper rolls on to the other two sides over the top of the first ones. I used a glue gun to do this but you can use any kind of glue, I just love my pink glue gun.

Glue the second piece of card on the back and glue a piece of cord to the back in a loop so you can hang it up.

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